Reporting on resource availability with Taskfeed and Salesforce

Recently I have been speaking with many customers on the topic of resource availability. What it turns out many people want to do is a basic form of resource utilisation. This may not be sufficient for large professional services firms but is perfect for the rest of us that just want a view of a team’s workload. This post will show you how to achieve this with Taskfeed and Salesforce reporting.

Taskfeed offers modern task and project management natively on the Salesforce platform. This is important for a few reasons. It means your users do not need another system and therefore another username and password. It means tasks and projects can be tightly integrated with your Salesforce Account and Opportunities or anything else you track in Salesforce. Finally, it means Taskfeed can leverage all that Salesforce goodness like Chatter, Workflow and importantly in this context Reporting.

First step of using Taskfeed for resource availability is to take advantage of the planning view. This lets you map out when tasks will start and end.

Taskfeed Planning View

Resource availability can be done two ways from this point. Reporting on the actual resource or the resource types. Reporting on actual resource will require the tasks to be assigned to each team member at the start of the project or reporting period. Alternatively, reporting on resource type can be very effective. Taskfeed supports this through Categories. Create a Category for each resource type and then rather than assigning the individual to the task you can assign the Category to the task.

Now that we have the tasks created, planned and assigned to either a category or an owner we can build a report to show forecast availability/utilisation for the reporting period. This report will map the Owner or the Category to the Start Date. This can be done using Salesforce matrix report. This view is showing a weekly sum of the remaining hours on each task as they are due to begin. This is it. An actionable report showing team resource availability for the current and next month by week.

Resource Reporting in Taskfeed

While this is a great start this would be easier to scan if we highlighted the weeks where the resource is forecast as over utilised, and also under utilised. In this example I want to show where a resource has over 40 hours of work assigned for the week, or where they have less than 24 hours forecast for the week.

Screenshot 2014-12-27 at 14.10.56

Now that we have added conditional highlighting its clear that neither resource is effectively forecast. Lets start with the next week, if I move some of the tasks from Andy Mahood to Marc Benioff then we should see the report show a better balance for this week.

Resource Reporting in Taskfeed with Conditional Highlighting

The forecast resource for the week of December 7th is now much better balances and therefore reported as green.

If you would like some more information about how Taskfeed can help your organisation get organised on Salesforce get in touch at or get it now on the AppExchange.


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