Manage Opportunities like a Project

Taskfeed for Sales Opportunity Project Board

I am amazed at how many organisations manage large, complex or otherwise non-standard opportunities without effective tools or process. Do you not think you would close more deals if you and your team were better organised?

I’m not talking about CRM. Salesforce is the best CRM tool for managing leads, accounts and opportunities. What I am talking about is tracking tasks and actions associated with an Opportunity.

I am an advocate for treating a sales opportunity like a project. List out the actions required, identify the team to support, assign tasks to the team, estimate time for task, plan when tasks can be achieved. This provides a realistic close date and clear accountability for getting the deal closed.

This is why I built Taskfeed for Sales. An extension of Taskfeed optimised for use with Opportunities in Salesforce. Taskfeed allows you to plan your Opportunity from letting you track actions and tasks to defining your close plan as sales milestones.

This means you can see clearly defined actions prioritised and organised against the Opportunity. Tasks are no longer buried and lost in amongst logged calls, emails and meetings. Define best practice templates to remind reps when actions should be taken. Get an instant overview of the Opportunity by viewing the Opportunity Project Board.

Taskfeed for Sales Opportunity Project Board
Taskfeed for Sales Opportunity Project Board provides an overview of all the tasks in their respective stage

Taskfeed provides a gantt view, time logging and everything else you need to treat your sales opportunity like a mini-project.

Taskfeed for Sales Timeline
Track the clase plan as a timeline or gantt chart. Map out a realistic close date.

If you want to start managing your opportunities like mini-projects then you can get Taskfeed on the AppExchange or Request a demo today.


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